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More than ever, the effective legal protection of innovative ideas is the decisive factor for economic success in all industry sectors. We offer fast, effective and long-term solutions and assist our clients in the development and implementation, as well as maintenance and defense of their portfolio of Intellectual Property rights.

Our experienced team of patent attorneys and attorneys at law has an extensive technical and legal knowledge at its command and is therefore able to provide effective and comprehensive advice in all areas of Intellectual Property.

For more than 80 years, we have defended our clients' Intellectual Property rights with passion and competence.



EMS achieves first victory in legal dispute over the powder jet handpiece Lunos® MyFlow

EMS Electro Medical Systems S.A., Switzerland, the German market leader with AIR-FLOW® powder jet devices for professional dental cleaning achieved a first victory against Dürr Dental AG, Germany, in the legal dispute over the powder jet handpiece Lunos® MyFlow. […]

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EuGH: A sorbet may be sold under the name ‘Champagner Sorbet’

... if it has, as one of its essential characteristics, a taste attributable primarily to champagne. If that is the case, that product name does not take undue advantage of the protected designation of origin ‘Champagne’. […]

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